Vintage Hoodies


Buy Vintage Hoodies Australia

A Vintage hoodie can easily become a staple piece of any wardrobe, with aged and distressed items coming back into fashion. Our range of Vintage Hoodies available in Australia is sure to impress. Whet... Read more

Where To Buy Vintage Hoodies?

We recommend buying vintage hoodies right here from The Vault! We stock rare vintage hoodies in Australia and continue to grow our range daily. No matter whether you're looking for branded hoodies, or college vintage hoodies, there's something for everyone in our collection.

How To Wash Vintage Hoodies?

To wash your vintage hoodie, we recommend a cold hand wash as vintage hoodies can be quite delicate due to their age and general wear they have already endured. Doing this method of washing will ensure your hoodies stay as good as vintage for years to come!

Where To Buy Vintage Nike Hoodies?

Nike Vintage hoodies can be hard to come across, luckily The Vault has you sorted, as we continue to expand our range you'll begin to see more and more Nike Vintage hoodies and other brands come to fruition in our store! Make sure to check back periodically for new hoodies.