Vintage T-Shirts

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How To Style Vintage Tees?

Vintage tees, due to their look can be super simple to style! We recommend pairing your vintage tee with whatever pants you want and copping a pair of Dunks, or Jordan's to match with your fit. Due to their natural retro look they pair up great with Vintage T-shirts.

What Is A Vintage Tee?

A Vintage T-Shirt is a tee that has simply aged over time, these usually follow a different asthetic look to current age tees. They're usually slightly discoloured or cracked to provide a distressed look and sometimes a faded colour, especially here in Australia due to the sun which can easily discolour shirts and provide a more desirable design.

Where To Get Vintage Tees?

We recommend none other than The Vault for all your vintage needs! With our ever growing range of vintage t-shirts, vintage hoodies and both NBA & Nike branded, as well as college tees, there's something for everyone. With an affordable price point compared to other stores, you can't go wrong.